July 13, 2019—When we talk about fashion, there’s a lot of focus on women’s styles. But Saratoga is a chance for the men to show off their style sense as well.

According to owner of the Mark Thomas Men’s Apparel, Kerry Fagan, the Saratoga track is a chance to look your absolute best, more so than you would on your average work day.

Kerry Fagan, owner of Mark Thomas Men’s Apparel, and haberdasher Joel DiPersio, visited the Ch. 6 studio this morning to offer some summer fashion tips for men’s styles.

“The Saratoga track is an opportunity to get dressed to the nines and carry on a tradition that’s been going on for more than 150 years. The outfit you’re going to wear to the track is probably not the same as what you’d wear to the office on Monday,” Fagan said. “A lot of men dress to blend in to the background, they’re scared to stick out. Think lots of blue, kind of boring. But at the track it’s sort of the opposite. You’ll see a lot of men sporting bright colors and bold patterns that look like green grass and blue skies.”

Fagan said men heading to the track should try to dress a little more playful than usual. Don’t be afraid to do a little peacocking.

“The Race Course scene is a fun change of pace, so try to be a little outrageous and let your Saratoga personality shine through,” Fagan said.

Most people are more comfortable when they are dressed to the same level that others are dressed up, or dressed down to, DiPersio noted. Keep in mind that at the track, you might stand out more if you’re not dressed colorfully.

“You want to be dressed to make a great impression with the people you meet at the Race Course, because they might change your life for business or even love,” DiPersio said.

Both Fagan and DiPersio were dressed in two very different outfits, both appropriate for any area of the track but each with areas in mind.

With a more casual outfit, Fagan was dressed for the clubhouse and to be outside under the sun and on the grass near the dust at the winner’s circle. His outfit includes a custom pink dress shirt and a purple Italian blazer by Canali made with silk, linen and a summer wool blend.

“Skip the tie to stay cool and casual, but add a bright pocket square for some flair,” Fagan said.

A nice pair of airy dress slacks by Canadian designer Jack Victor goes well with the blazer and keeps Fagan cool. For shoes, he wears slip-ons by Magnanni from Spain, a casual but conservative look. Again, to be playful and show a little flair, Fagan’s socks by Robert Graham are grey with green sea turtles.

DiPersio dresses more formally, with an Italian suit with a Stone Rose pocket square, custom vest, and J.Z. Richards tie. He wears an oxblood belt by Torino Leather Company and matching oxblood shoes by Magnanni, because it’s important to match your belt and shoes.

“You can add a vest to your outfit for a more formal look if you know you’ll be inside in air conditioning,” DiPersio said. “I’m dressed more for the boxes and the new 1863 Club, whereas Kerry is dressed for the clubhouse. Or if we go to 15 Church for dinner afterwards, I’m dressed for the dining room, Kerry is dressed for the patio.”

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You should really have both types of outfits in your wardrobe so you can dress according to the activities you have planned for that day/night, Fagan noted. Wearing a suit, you might be indoors. Wearing a sport coat you’re ready to be outdoors, close to the ground.

What’s in fashion today are shorter coats that are more slim fitting, Fagan said. Newer men’s styles are trim and lean. No more pleats. No more double breasted suits. No more cuffs on the bottom of your pants, Fagan said noting that everything he and DiPersio are wearing is tailored and trim.

“No matter how much your clothes cost or where they came from, they have to fit well. That’s really the most important thing,” Fagan said. “Even if you go to JC Penny, it’s affordable and necessary to have a tailor custom fit your clothes.”

There are too many ill-fitting blue blazers out there, like the basic men’s uniform, Fagan laments.

While Mark Thomas is an upscale men’s clothing store and the lines they carry are not cheap, Fagan said his store carries something for everyone at every price point.

“You don’t have to buy clothes from me,” Fagan said. “But you have to wear clothes that fit you properly and that complement your shape.”

“Your clothes reflect how you feel. And your clothes can affect how you feel, too,” said DiPersio. “Dress for success.”

Mark Thomas Men’s Apparel is a family-run business located at 5 Metro Park Road, right off Wolf Road, in Colonie.

For information, call (518) 438.7887 or visit:

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