Ben Ryan: When it comes to the track, people love the races, but they also love the outfits. Between the summer colors, the hats and overall fashion, it makes for a great time and experience. And you have Mark Thomas Men’s Apparel in Albany, a family owned business. They have dozens of high end brands that keep it fresh and clean all summer long and beyond. 

Kerry Fagan: Bright colors, bold patterns, you know, definitely stuff you wouldn’t wear to the office on Monday mornings, which I think it’s you know, it’s great. It’s a great time to express yourself, let your personality shine through and, you know, just just be fun with it, be playful with it, have a good time with it. 

Ben Ryan: There’s nothing that beats feeling like a million bucks. And Kerry Fagan, owner Mark Thomas Men’s Apparel, certainly knows that. And with the Saratoga race course season here, you’ve got to stay sharp. 

Kerry Fagan: This is a clubhouse outfit right here. Blue Balance slacks from Canada. Nice, bright, bold Canali sport coat from Italy, beautiful pink tie, little contrast in your pocket square. This is a winning outfit for opening day. 

Ben Ryan: Now, if you’re looking for a more relaxed outfit, they make sure to have much more than just suits because to them, variety is key. 

Kerry Fagan: Here’s your picnic table outfit. Magnanni shoes from Spain. A nice pair of blue shorts by Robert Graham, Rafi tee, an Israeli company that we love, great material, Johnny collar, no buttons—you know, just a little bit different than your average polo. 

Ben Ryan: But no matter what the style is or type of fabric the outfit may be, Fagan says what matters most is how well the clothes fit on you. 

Kerry Fagan: Even if you know, even if you don’t have the money for the finest clothes, your clothes should fit well, be, you know, everything’s more tailored and trim. And I think it’s a good thing. It’s a good look for all of us. Again, we have two in-house tailors here. Our head tailors been here 14 years. It’s mission critical. I don’t see how you could do this business without in-house tailoring. 

Ben Ryan: And for everybody at Mark Thomas Men’s Apparel, it’s about loyalty and creating a community. 

Kerry Fagan: We stay open late. We hand deliver clothes to people, whatever our customers need to keep them looking good. And, you know, keep them successful in their day to day lives. We’re willing to do it.  

Ben Ryan: In Albany, Ben Ryan, News 10, ABC.