Quality Clothing Services At Mark Thomas Men’s Apparel

Forty-five years of experience

The staff at Mark Thomas have over forty-five years of experience in the tailored and fine men’s clothing industry. With our own tailor shop and the very best tailors in the area, we are uniquely qualified fit, mark, and tailor your clothing for the perfect sartorial fit.

Made To Measure Custom Shirts & Suiting

In addition to on site fitting and tailoring, Mark Thomas also provides custom suiting made to measure programs from Jack Victor and S. Cohen, as well as custom shirts from Skip Gambert. With hundreds of fabric options, Mark Thomas can provide the perfect custom clothing solutions.

Personal Styling

Not only do we provide the clothes, we provide years of experience in menswear and the ability to augment any man’s personal style. Whether it’s conservative business attire for the office, the perfect casual outfit to stand out among the crowd, or somewhere in between; our customer can trust our expertise and dress for any occasion with confidence and style.

A Gift Certificate Always Fits

Gift certificates available, a perfect gift for any occasion.